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Hey there! =)
I am Chris Manthey aka Calined and i compose music for video games, which is pretty sweet!

I want to get more involved in collaborating in gamejams and smaller projects that might now have the budget to actually hire me.

This is where you come in! =)
With your subscription i can take on projects just for the fun, that are more experimental and be more creative!

That means you will get alot more music from me in a more frequent manner with alot more variety and interesting content!

I appreciate your trust and support in the music that will come into being and float into your ears! ^^
Enjoy! =)

What you get:

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Berlin, Germany
Video Games inspire me.

I like to create interactive worlds instead of just experiencing them, and music is the most influential part of that experience.
It speaks to the players emotions, enabling them to completely emerge into that world.

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